Be-Company Exhibition 3: Pull-down - Diver Festival 22'

Looking towards the horizon: a new ritual appears. Its practice is not yet clear to us, and it raises questions and anxiety. But we see a recruitment of artists to the fields of meaning and action that the art world can be for human beings.


Be-Company Exhibition 3: Pull-down
Maayan Cohen Marciano, Noa Itzhaki, Oded Komemi

  • premiere
  • dance & performance
  • full nudity

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In this Be-Company Exhibition, three “young” artists find shelter at the center of the art world. They find the separate and the common both in form and content – bringing their works in touch with one another, and testing out a new underground climate. They are pulled down-under together, there exploring and surviving. The three works – solo, duet and trio – present the state of affairs of the post-post-gender-critique-politics generation. Together, they find a place to deal with the lack of future and the opaque present, accessing the power of a post-punk band of three women who pay homage to Yvonne Reiner; naked men as objects; and a text of an androgynous prophet.

This event includes a few works.

Trio Hey!
Whom of a kind
neo g

  • THU 7.7
  • FRI 8.7

CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo
120 min

  • Tal Kronkop
  • Tal Kronkop
  • Tal Kronkop

Trio Hey!
Noa Itzhaki

Three dancers, a collection of unorganized bodies, meet in the heart of the city fully awakened.
Our universe is a dance. This dance is a loyal act of life, an undisciplined movement.
We mine the dance from fundamental forms – the body's weight, its everydayness. The use of force and momentum. Circle. Rhythm.
We throw body parts, lean on one another, collide into one another, measuring how close we can be.
Trio Hey! talks with Yvonne Rainer and her bold 'NO Manifesto' from 1964. And answers her - YES! Yes to dancing, yes to emotion, yes to the flesh, to passion, to danger, to being together.
The dance lifts the arms, pushes up and lands. Throws a leg, arches the back. Moves to the count of 8. Again and again.
The choreography is gravity.
With us.

  • by Noa Itzhaki
  • participants Lilla Roma Weisselberg, Eynav Rosolio, Noa Itzhaki
  • partners for creation development Dori Cohen Forster, Noa Halfi

Noa Itzhaki Bio

  • Tamar Lamm
  • Tamar Lamm
  • David Kaplan
  • David Kaplan

Whom of a kind
Maayan Cohen Marciano

In Whom of a kind, maayan cohen Marciano continues her ongoing research on the nude body, this time she has chosen to work with the male nude body, alongside the collaborators: Nir Vidan and Nadi Yoel.
Maayan uses body art and plastic art in order to reduce the masculine body to a playful material, to transform it to various essence and meaning and to ask how the body itself can rebuild new masculinity through its materiality. This is an ongoing visual discussion on the male body, its culturally-constructed perceptions, and in the relationship of those with art.

The work was created in the residency program at ‘Kelim’ Choreography Center and in the residency program: ‘Tights-dance and thought’, CCA, Tel- Aviv

  • Choreography Maayan Cohen Marciano
  • Performers and Creators Nir Vidan, Nadi Yoel
  • Artistic Consultation Ari Teperberg
  • Objects Construction Shutzi
  • Thanks Ayala Frenkel, Nataly Zukerman, Zohar shoef

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  • Tal Galon
  • Tal Galon
  • Tal Galon

neo g

In a perpetual present, infused with an addictive feeling of youth, a girl decide to propose and demonstrate a new form of social organization. It is a system that draws from canonical cultural symbols, yet chooses to place them somewhere in an unknown future. The result is a dense present in which the nostalgic and the prophetic merge into a disturbing reality – an adolescent-pastoral age characterized by an addictive use in a gradually-disintegrating language, which collapses back into its sources and loses its meaning as it seeks to be reinvented for a new civilization.

  • Directing, text and design Oded Komemi
  • With and by Yael Weiss

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